18% Gray (Task Force Iota #1) - Anne Tenino I like futuristic speculative fiction, and I like m/m, but I couldn't get into this book at all. Much of my problem was due to the narrative style, which I think tried to be humorous but which unfortunately came off as simplistic and silly. The main characters had little personality of their own, and thus no chemistry together. Honestly I had trouble remembering which was which the entire time. The same goes for all of the many, many be-acronymned organizations and gadgets, with convoluted origins and explanations, and not enough distinction or bearing on the story to actually commit to memory. The side characters were over the top and one-dimensional; uninteresting at best, and unbearably annoying at their worst.A storyline that should have been screaming with dramatic tension came off flat and uninteresting, and meandered along with a lack of forward momentum. In fact, after the main characters hooked up, I'd say the story was mostly driven by porn from that point forward. Realistic and sympathetic plot devices for emotional tension were completely skipped over, meanwhile shallowly manufactured ones were sprung into place down the road. Finally, I was continually bothered by the story's black-and-white, us-vs-them attitude (where thems=bad and us=good, natch.) I guess I was hoping for more nuance, and as the title seemed to promise, more shades of gray.Pertinent Word Counts:love: 39cock: 49crotch rocket: 6