Patient Z - Becky Black My search for m/m zombie books continues. This one was, unfortunately, disappointing.-Boring, formulaic, "romance" between two cardboard-cutout main characters who basically have no other options besides each other.-Unscary zombies that barely had a presence in the story. They were just... stage dressing.-Overbearing gender politics that left me feeling kinda blah at times.i.e., All heterosexual men are aggressive potential rapists. And lots of women characters who are CURRENTLY rad and kickass, and were totes just waiting for the apocalypse to happen, so that they could shake off the shackles of their secretary- and manicurist-hood and become totally rockin', zombie-killin gals! (Along with their trusty, kickass and rad pet gays.) Nothing I could really point my finger at and declare WRONG, just an overall vaguely lingering bad aftertaste.There were some interesting ideas here about the zombie virus, and resulting zombie behavior. I also dug the survivors' "encampment."