Fighter - PlaneJane Confession: I tried to watch The Eagle, but I was so bored my eyes glazed over early on. I kept watching, of course. Because Channing Tatum. But I couldn't tell you much about it. :|Happily, this lovely AU is almost completely divorced from the source material, so no prior knowledge is really necessary. Of course you never know how many little insider references you're missing in cases like this, but I really only felt the loss when it came to a lack of physical descriptions. This was a thoroughly enjoyable story! Slow, subtle, layered character development. Believable, fairly realistic plot development. Delicious angst that made my heart pang sweetly in a few places, without wallowing in it.The ending fell down for me a bit. It wasn't bad, but I don't think it lived up to its potential. And after all that lovely, lovely UST, I would have enjoyed a *leetle* more focus on teh sexytiems. (But if I had to choose between this and oversexed dreck, I'd vote for this all the way.) That's just me being nitpicky, though. I've paid for many, many books that I didn't enjoy half as much as this one.