Prisoner (Kria, #1) - Megan Derr The Good: Intricate, exciting, plausible world-building. The interweaving of 3 fascinating societies. Excellent stage-dressing.The Bad: Flat, one-dimensional characters who stubbornly refuse to grow and learn. Blink-and-you-miss-it "romance" between two main characters who need to be permanently separated for their own good. An overabundance of gay characters in unlikely circumstances. Neads moar pruf-reeding.That third (and possibly second) star is purely for the excellent world-building, as the cast of characters left me decidedly uninterested in their goings-on. I'm going to read the follow-up to this, Bound, since it is set many years in the future and is populated by completely different characters in the same universe. This is my boundless optimism at play, as I'm hoping that the author has learned how to better write engaging interactions between interesting people.