Guardian - Carole Cummings This book is almost impossible to evaluate on its own, because it's so obviously building up to another. By itself, I would say that it toes the line of obfuscation, but does so gently and beautifully, so that you yearn to follow the threads being woven to see where they lead. There is a small amount of internal resolution, but it gets swept away in favor of the bigger picture being revealed. And unfortunately, you just barely start to see the shape of things emerging from the weave when it runs into an almost painfully abrupt ending.There's a lot of skill and craft in the writing here, but this is not an easy book to dive into. I honestly wasn't sure how to rate it, so I started on the second book and put the review for this one on the back-burner. After completing Dream (Aisling II), I can't possibly give this one any less than 4 stars, because I see how the groundwork subtly laid here starts to come to sweet fruition.