Brothers of the Wild North Sea - Harper Fox Awesome, Awesome, AwesomeThe warrior-monk and the Viking... does it get much cooler than that? (Answer: sometimes, but not often.) Caius, the incongruous monk, who pacified and tamed Fenrir's warrior heart. And Fenrir... oh, Fenrir. *fluttery sigh* The Viking, the wolf, who roused conflicted Brother Caius into a righteous warrior for his brethren. How kickass they were. How strong and beautiful they were together. If you've read Harper Fox before, you know that she is so very good at weaving a rich locational tapestry. This historical is just as lush and immersive, intense and seemingly authentic. Just beautiful.My annoyances are minor, but here's what took it down to 4 stars for me:-It veers toward the melodrama at times. Not grievously so, but I did sometimes feel emotionally manipulated sometimes. But it was so skillfully written that I was still a puddle off goo, even when I saw it happening.-Some of the characters sometimes felt too modern in their thinking to me. I don't really know what the mindset was during that time, so that's a completely unqualified observation.-It flirts with the supernatural/mystical/woo-woo in unexpected ways, which felt out of place to me. Especially the ending, which was kind of a deus ex machina.Even with those niggles, Brothers of the Wild North Sea is one of my favorite Harper Fox books to date. I sincerely hope she decides to do more historicals.